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1. When I buy one of your vehicles, can I add it to my server and have other users buy it?

Yes, you will have access to make sales within your personal server using our products.

2. Can I buy one of your products and resell it in an online store?

No, none of our products are licensed for resale in an online store.

3. Do I have a limit to use the products?

No, you can use it for as long as you deem appropriate, but you will only have a license to use it with the user who made the purchase.

4. Are returns allowed once the product has been used?

Returns are not allowed once the product has been used, we are available 24/7 and our support team will help you with everything you need.

Origen Housing - Version QBCore & ESX & Custom

yesQBCore , ESX & Custom
yesPlug & Play


Coming Soon to Our Store!

And here you have our Discord for inquiries, where we will be delighted to assist you!

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🌟 Introducing the revolutionary Origen Housing at Origen Store! 🏠✨

Take your virtual home customization to the next level with **Origen Housing**! This comprehensive system offers unlimited possibilities for designing the home of your dreams, adaptable to any style, including MLO, shells, and more.

### πŸšͺ Versatile Construction

Intuitive and User-Friendly System:

Normal Mode: Perfect for those with little experience in building. Create and personalize spaces quickly and easily.

Pro Mode: Advanced control with vector-based furnishing, allowing millimeter precision. Customize every detail to ensure your space reflects your exact vision. Creativity knows no bounds!

### 🏑 Exclusive Custom Interiors

Unique Designs: Includes exclusive interiors for homes and garages, crafted specifically for this system.

Seamless Integration: Preconfigured to work effortlessly with other shells, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

### πŸŽ›οΈ Total Functionality

Every element of your home is not only decorative but also functional:

Usable Wardrobes: Store and organize your clothing efficiently.

Storage Units: Dedicated spaces to keep your belongings safe and accessible.

Safes: Protect your most valuable items with an extra level of security.

### 🌐 Advanced Home Automation

Control your home with an intuitive, personalized system:

Complete Management: Open and close your home, invite friends, and manage keysβ€”all at your fingertips.

RGB Lighting: Customize your home’s lighting, creating unique atmospheres with a wide range of colors.

Personalized Pictures: Add your favorite images, giving each space a personal touch.

### πŸ”’ Cutting-Edge Security

Camera System: Monitor every corner of your home from anywhere in the world.

Motion Sensors: Receive instant alerts if someone enters without permission, ensuring your peace of mind.

Security Alarm: In case of intrusion, automatic notifications will be sent to the authorities for a rapid response.

Storage Insurance: Protect your valuable belongings; no one will be able to steal from you.

### πŸš— Dedicated Garages

Keep your vehicles safe and always visible with a garage system that offers security and accessibility, allowing you to showcase your car collection.

### πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Configurable House Robbery

For servers looking to add an extra layer of excitement and realism, Origen Housing includes a configurable robbery system. Players can experience the thrill and challenge of protecting their home or, for the more adventurous, planning heists without harming other players' experiences. Fully customizable to fit the needs of each server.

### πŸ“Š Comprehensive Admin Panel

Manage properties easily with our admin panel:

Owner Information: Access details about property owners.

Property Management: View addresses, sale prices, and delete properties if needed.

Full Control: Keep all properties organized and easily managed.



Compatible with K4MB1 shells as they are preconfigured.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your gaming experience!** Origen Housing is now available at Origen Store. πŸ›’πŸ”‘

Make your home unique, safe, and stylish! Your adventure in the virtual world has never been more exciting.**

Here we leave you a few images of the new house system. Our recommendation is that you watch the video to have more information about it.**