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1. When I buy one of your vehicles, can I add it to my server and have other users buy it?

Yes, you will have access to make sales within your personal server using our products.

2. Can I buy one of your products and resell it in an online store?

No, none of our products are licensed for resale in an online store.

3. Do I have a limit to use the products?

No, you can use it for as long as you deem appropriate, but you will only have a license to use it with the user who made the purchase.

4. Are returns allowed once the product has been used?

Returns are not allowed once the product has been used, we are available 24/7 and our support team will help you with everything you need.

Origen NPC Hostage - QBCore & ESX Version

yesQBCore & ESX
yesPlug & Play


And here you have our Discord for inquiries, where we will be delighted to assist you!


Origen NPC Hostage: Redefining Crime in GTA V Roleplay

Origen Network Store is proud to introduce "Origen NPC Hostage," an innovative addition that will reshape how players experience the thrilling world of roleplay in GTA V. This captivating script expands gameplay possibilities by granting players the ability to carry out daring heists and abductions without relying on other players. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a completely new gaming experience?

Outstanding Features:

  • Unlimited Abductions: With "Origen NPC Hostage," players wield the power to kidnap virtually any NPC in the game. Forget about depending on other players to execute your criminal plans; now you can craft your own narratives and strategies.

  • Immersive Interaction: The interaction mechanics of this script are straightforward and effective. Don a mask, brandish your weapon, and, as you stealthily approach an NPC, you can intimidate them with a simple press of a key (E). However, keep in mind that NPCs' reactions may vary: some will submit immediately, while others may attempt to flee and alert the police.

  • Total Control: Once you've subdued your hostage, you'll find yourself in a position of power. You'll have a range of options at your disposal, allowing you to decide your captive's fate. You can command them to follow you, leading them to any destination you choose, whether it's getting into a vehicle or searching for more NPCs for your plan. If you prefer to keep them immobilized, you can make them kneel, and they'll only resume movement when given new orders. Moreover, you'll have the final decision on whether to release them or choose to eliminate them, adding an extra layer of strategy to your actions.






Customization Options:

"Origen NPC Hostage" also includes a configuration file, where you can tailor the experience to your liking. You can select your preferred framework, choose your language settings, set up exports for police alerts, and adjust the probability of NPCs attempting to escape on foot. This level of customization ensures that your gameplay experience is exactly as you desire.

Benefits for Players:

"Origen NPC Hostage" is designed to provide GTA V Roleplay players with an unparalleled sense of independence and control. With this tool, you can carry out your criminal activities solo or with your own group of accomplices, without relying on other players to achieve your objectives. It's ideal for those who wish to delve deep into the dark underworld of Los Santos and experience the adrenaline rush of making critical decisions in high-risk situations.


Get ready for a more immersive, challenging, and action-packed gaming experience than you've ever encountered in GTA V Roleplay. "Origen NPC Hostage" is exclusively available in the Origen Network Store and promises to unlock a world of criminal possibilities for daring and ambitious players. Download the script today, customize it to your liking, and carve your own path in Los Santos. Are you ready to seize absolute control? Dare to embrace "Origen NPC Hostage"!