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1. When I buy one of your vehicles, can I add it to my server and have other users buy it?

Yes, you will have access to make sales within your personal server using our products.

2. Can I buy one of your products and resell it in an online store?

No, none of our products are licensed for resale in an online store.

3. Do I have a limit to use the products?

No, you can use it for as long as you deem appropriate, but you will only have a license to use it with the user who made the purchase.

4. Are returns allowed once the product has been used?

Returns are not allowed once the product has been used, we are available 24/7 and our support team will help you with everything you need.

Origen Police + Origen Inventory - Version QBCore

yesQBCore & ESX Compatible
yesPlug & Play


Coming Soon to Our Store!

And here you have our Discord for inquiries, where we will be delighted to assist you!

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Welcome to the Future of Law Enforcement in Los Santos

Explore the revolutionary innovation in the GTA V police world with our new and advanced police script. Elevate your in-game experiences to unprecedented levels as you dive into a virtual realm of more realistic and thrilling law enforcement.


Key Features:

Real-time Cameras:

Immerse yourself in a virtual operations center with access to:


Agent Roster:

Monitor on-duty officers, their ranks, and availability status.

Real-time Police Mesh Map:

Coordinate operations with live updates on a dynamic map.


Advanced Radio:

Seamlessly communicate on radio frequencies for efficient coordination.

Alerts Management:

Assign environments to available units swiftly and efficiently.

Citizen Search:

Effectively manage citizens and their information:

Real-time Details:

Update and access citizen data instantly, ensuring accuracy.

Search and Capture:

Add photos, alerts, and notes to profiles of individuals of interest.

Reports and Licenses:

Review current reports and licenses for strategic insights.

Interactive Radio System:

Efficiently communicate with a dynamic radio system:

Quick Conversations:

Engage in rapid, smooth transitions between frequencies.

Quick Access Keys:

Tailor your communication setup for expedited engagement.

Advanced Report System:

Maintain meticulous records of operations:

Organized Reports:

Craft detailed, organized reports with customizable labels.

Visual Evidence:

Attach visual aids, such as images of evidence and casings, for clarity.

Customizable Penal Code:

Tailor the penal code to your jurisdiction's needs, modifying articles and chapters.

Vehicle and Penal Code System:

Take command of vehicles and law enforcement procedures:

Vehicle Details:

Access comprehensive vehicle information through license plates, alongside relevant notes.

Customizable Penal Code:

Fine-tune your penal code by adding, editing, and organizing articles and chapters.

Federal and Agent Management:

Lead your team effectively and efficiently:

Agent Hiring:

Recruit and oversee agents, adjusting ranks and badge numbers.

Federal Jail Management:

Automatically confine individuals to federal jail, including dangerous individuals.


Real-time Security Cameras:

Retain constant visual oversight:

Camera Access:

Monitor agents' and vehicles' body cams and interiors with real-time audio.

Quick Interaction Menu:

Access essential tools with ease:

Reference Icons and Colors:

Organize resources visually with identifiable icons and colors.

Default Radio Communications:

Swiftly access pre-defined radio communications for common scenarios.

Quick Radio Access:

Effortlessly change frequencies and toggle availability through quick commands.


Centralized task and communication management:

Environment Assignment:

Receive, manage, and delegate tasks with real-time location markers.

Alert Customization:

Personalize your alert preferences for enhanced situational awareness.

Precinct Points:

Optimize your precinct activities:




Vehicle Purchase and Customization:

Acquire vehicles and personalize them to your specifications.

Evidence Report Writing:

Generate comprehensive automated reports from gathered evidence.

Weapons Check:

Inspect weapons involved in incidents, ensuring accurate records.

Evidence and Radar System:

Retain control on the streets and at crime scenes:

Evidence Gathering:

Capture vital details by collecting evidence effectively.

Smart Radars:

Maintain control over traffic speeds and identify vehicles with ease.

K9 System:

Rule the streets with a trusted K9 companion:

Police Dog Configuration:

Customize your K9's commands to optimize patrolling and detection.

Embark on an unparalleled journey with our new GTA V police script. Dive into a realm of law enforcement that sets new standards. Elevate your gameplay, take command, and experience the exhilaration of being a true law enforcement officer in the heart of Los Santos.

We will soon upload the video showcasing the functionality of everything. Are you ready to have the best police system?

- Origen Inventory -


Welcome to the latest innovation in FiveM scripts: Origen Inventory!

Origen Inventory is a groundbreaking script designed to elevate your FiveM experience to the next level. With carefully integrated features and a focus on convenience and immersion, Origen Inventory is here to provide you with seamless and thrilling gameplay. Here's a glimpse of what this script has to offer:

Dynamic User Interface: With real-time health, food, water, and armor HUD, you'll always be aware of your in-game status. This crucial information is presented clearly and concisely, allowing you to make informed decisions at every step of the way.

Efficient Item Exchange: Need to hand over items to other players in your proximity? Origen Inventory streamlines this process, allowing you to send items quickly and easily. No more worrying about wasting time on lengthy transactions.

Immersive Driving Experience: Origen Inventory is smart. When you're inside a vehicle, forget about overwhelming menus. The script automatically detects your situation and adjusts the available options so you only see what you need while driving. Control doors, cruise functions, limiters, special modes, and more with ease.

Built-in Fun: It's not just an inventory. Origen Inventory offers you the ability to perform tricks like wheelies and stunts directly from the menu, adding an additional dimension of fun and entertainment to your gaming experience.

Character Customization: Want to stand out from the crowd? The complete clothing menu allows you to customize your character with a variety of wardrobe options, ensuring your avatar is a unique expression of your style in the virtual world.

Cinematic Capture and Editing: If you're passionate about creative content, Origen Inventory has your back with Rockstar Editor integration. Capture epic moments and edit your own creations with a streamlined platform so you can share your feats with the world.

Renewed Aesthetics: Origen Inventory is not only powerful in terms of functionality but also a visual delight. The refreshed design adds a touch of modernity and sleekness, creating a visually appealing experience as you navigate its features.

Configurable Crafting System: And that's not all! Origen Inventory also features a fully configurable crafting system. You have the power to customize crafting options right from the config. Craft your way to success with a system tailored to your preferences.

The images of the items are all included within the resource.

In summary, Origen Inventory redefines how you experience FiveM. From its intuitive interface to its unique gameplay and customization features, this script is designed to make you feel more connected, immersed, and excited as you explore the corners of the virtual world. Get ready for a new era of gaming with Origen Inventory!